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The Void Without You


No clouds fog the yellow skies
Yet a rain storm swells in my eyes
The rugged routine uninterrupted
So why has this flame erupted?
Realization of emptiness, the void
Of a hollow mass you left behind
Carrying the weight of regular strife
With your absence like an iron-hot knife
The blame, given or taken, not justified
Your only choice; to walk to the other side
But the questions still vexes my mind
Why did you have to leave us behind?
Or what would’ve happened if you stayed
Would we have danced, laughed, played?
Would you be there to wipe my tears?
Would you shield me from my fears?
Futile interrogations to empty sky, alas
All said, all done, another decade’s passed
A daughter prays for the heavens to bless you
O father! I miss you, I miss you, I miss you


Heart-Shaped Box


To whom must I bare
The crevices of my skin
My subtle frailties and
The tales of my sin

With a hole in my chest
Unfaltering, I begin
The vacuum within absorbs
Letting it all sink in

I was a hollow bird
Inferius; a corpse akin
Rigor mortis enveloping
Soul-dead puppet to reckon

The fatal err; a crime
Beyond virtue’s line thin
I grievously wronged myself
Thus consequentially grim

My fault? You ask thereof
Nothing less herein
Than the evolutionary hamartia
That I cared more than him



O shackles ‘round my ankles!
Suffocate my veins
Make my blue blood beg
Losing it’s religion red
For absolution, for salvation
A time bomb, an ultimatum
Carpe diem, carpe diem!

O chains ‘round my wrists!
Entwining purple fists
Garnished bracelets of pearls
Twice, then thrice it twirls
Skin deep, transcending
Soul bending, soul bending!

O noose ‘round my neck!
Be fearless, not loose
What is there to gain
if the friction’s in vain?
The mighty reptilian leather
Brushes pale silk like a feather
Venomous fangs’ fatal sting
Hail the king, hail the king!


A Note on the Kitchen Counter


I’m done, done, done! I seriously cannot do this anymore. My sanity is at the verge of combustion, bursting into burning orbs. Fragments of an existence that was once whole, once unified and once formed me, shall scatter into a void of some vast universe.

I’m gonna be gone, gone, gone… then what will you do? Nothing much can be done after that, honey. You’ll stay the same. Shed a tear or two, eh? Maybe. Please do so, after all you cared for me once upon a dream, right? Maybe an escaped gasp and bewilderment shall overcome you Maybe more than that but then what will you do? Will you look up at the stars and reach out for them in a failed attempt to grasp what is left of me? Trust me, my love. I am trying, trying, trying. So hard to fit into this mirage of unified humans submitting to conformity. But I find it terribly difficult to collect what is remaining of my energy to inhale/exhale for a purpose dictated by an imbecile majority. Gosh, these people make me puke. Ew, people. Ew, ew, ew! Humans think so highly of themselves that they consider every action of theirs justified.

Baby, I’m holding back, back, back. It’s like I’m falling into a black hole that’ll take me back in time. Retarded time and reversed tread. I have to control myself. I am not allowed to say what I think and do what I want. So here I am on this remote island gazing at this wondrous world where these humans are acting like animals and animals are being trained to act like humans. It’s a circus. Everyone’s putting up a show and strip teasing. Lust keeps oozing from the dribbling mouths of these hyenas. It’s like the uncontrollable wildness you see in the eyes of a madman, unsettling and perturbed. I am fighting, fighting, fighting. This is a war against my own self. Even if I win, I lose. I am struggling to adjust this veil that conceals my thoughts that I have from the thoughts I should have. Shush, shush! No one should know what I think of. Those silly thoughts shall lead to my execution! I let them control my life but hell no they won’t control my death.

But fuck it! I’m done, done, done. No one can save me. No one! No one!

Red Handed


An oppressive mourning day
Reveals an even darker night
Their barely worn clothes
Change from colors to white
The ones who share their blood
Are now submerged in plight
Lineages’ leak lost love
Humanity fading in this fight

We sent flowers off to bloom
They were withered in return
How can you be so idle
Witnessing the angels burn?
Masters on gilded thrones!
Is it not of your concern?
Ah yes, brutal atrocities
You would dare not discern

Pernicious minds bathed
In fatally noxious ideologies
Descending brilliance habitual
Of deadly destructive ease
Ecstatically rolling in blood
And skinning as a strip tease
As if the whore’s lust is
Immortal and to never cease

Oh broken friends and foes!
Are our cries even heard?
Or are we categorized amongst
The absolutely absurd
After all that happened
Is this what we deserved?
Our words and our sighs
Considered heaps of turd

Listen, O doomed nation!
The message loud and clear
Tomorrow it shall be us
Lying cold right here
Or maybe our beloveds
Shall tonight disappear
Feel it crawl under your skin?
Humanity being replaced by fear

© Rosh Von Amber 2014

NOTE: I wrote this poem at the breakfast table this morning. This my catharsis regarding the Taliban attack on a school in Peshawar, Pakistan killing 131 children. I have nothing more to say.bloody_hands_by_itsmylifeee-d4o2p91