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The Void Without You


No clouds fog the yellow skies
Yet a rain storm swells in my eyes
The rugged routine uninterrupted
So why has this flame erupted?
Realization of emptiness, the void
Of a hollow mass you left behind
Carrying the weight of regular strife
With your absence like an iron-hot knife
The blame, given or taken, not justified
Your only choice; to walk to the other side
But the questions still vexes my mind
Why did you have to leave us behind?
Or what would’ve happened if you stayed
Would we have danced, laughed, played?
Would you be there to wipe my tears?
Would you shield me from my fears?
Futile interrogations to empty sky, alas
All said, all done, another decade’s passed
A daughter prays for the heavens to bless you
O father! I miss you, I miss you, I miss you


Baby Girl


“You got it tough, baby girl”
My momma always said
As the night would unfurl
And she’d tuck me in my bed

So to the tunes of her song
I’d sleep away the night
Those words I’d know for long
’cause she was always right

“You gotta be brave, baby girl”
My momma would always say
When I’d wrap into a curl
And cry the night away

So puffy eyed and teary cheeked
The next morning I’d go back
In the open, I stood to bleed
And be torn by the wolf pack

“You gotta win, baby girl”
My momma would just say
Holding me like a pearl
In her arms, as she’d pray

So I’d fight our little battles
Slowly learning to stand up
Even till my bones rattled
I would refuse to give up

“You gotta live, baby girl”
My momma whispered to me
As all the storms would hurl
And make it hard to breathe

So I kept striving on till the day
I crossed the finish line, unaided
Like the first sunshine of May
The black clouds suddenly faded

“You did it, baby girl!”
My momma said to me
As she’d happily twirl
To the tunes she sang to me

© Rosh Von Amber 2014

Note: Writing such a poem genuinely gave me a very emotional and warm feeling. Especially when I read this out loud to my mother and by the end she was teary-eyed. I love you, Momma. SO MUCH!