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Give me some time
Give me some space

Take me to a place

Where I won’t be asked
The tedious task

(A sigh, alas!)

Of rituals
Of prayers

By righteous sayers

Of pious deeds
Of noble needs

Underlying greeds

Pursuing what I cannot
Unforgiving when I forgot

To offer specific alms
To quell certain qualms

The sin to beautify

Till the day you die

Follow and obey
As they say

Dare not dismay!

Look pretty
Act petty

It’s all a game of pawns

Play dirty
Look sturdy

Until you are bygones



Flashing blurry faces
one, two, and three
Tiptoed, scurried paces
thinking that we’re free

Street lights are fading
down a flashing sea
Paranoia raiding
so we can’t believe

Betting like horses on
humans of the streets
Weighing down moments
counting to sixty

Birthday cake candles
flicker eternity
Blown out a lifetime
pursuing sanity

Mumble, bumble, jumble
like a busy bee
Set ourselves on fire
just so we can breath

An Inarticulate Romantic


The prettiest eyes
I’ve seen are
small, dark,
yet kind

Hidden behind
my favorite spectacles
(a failed attempt to)
make them
Hard to find

A sculpted forehead
chiseled cheeks
a carved smile
captivating, provoking
Perfectly shaped
magical hands
with twists, twirls
a symphony composing

The tune that plays
is the song
my heart shall play
forever long

Fourth Wall


What is sadder than
a tragic love story?
‘tis to witness
the catastrophe unfold
While sitting behind
invisible bars
watch as the story
is being told
The characters
puppets naïve
confusing foolery
with passions bold
Here I am
A prisoner of
the fourth wall
with secrets to hold

Back Home


The smell of buttered popcorn
in the air
As I run my fingers through
your hair

A lisp escaping from
your lips
As you wrap your arms around
my hips

Light brushstrokes against
my skin
Painting our stories
art akin

This little waltz that
we do
When there’s only
me and you



What if
the silence
is eternal,
the Journey
is nocturnal
is a farce
and you’re tiptoeing
on glass

You play the fool
like an old tool
and continue
to misconstrue

What if
the Verdict
is infernal
the Pain
is diurnal
is a comedy
and you’re hoping
for an anomaly

You’ve been blind
finally declined
Just to descend
At a dead end