And welcome to my WordPress blog. If you’ve taken out some of your precious time to click this link, well then I guess had your attention, now I have your curiosity. *insert Django meme here*

Anyway, I’ve been writing ever since I discovered the power of words. I’d write poems about objects like a telephone or a television back in sixth grade just because I liked rhyming words. This was back when someone at school would ask me, “What’s your favorite subject?” and I’d be like, “English!” From writing journals to speeches, poems to short stories and even rants, this has been my outlet.

I started off with prose which can be obviously seen in the older posts of my blog. Then I started leaning towards poetic prose especially after my obsession with Khalil Gibran. There are many writers and works I adore. Off the top of my head I’ll name three: Oscar Wilde, Sylvia Plath and Edgar Allen Poe.
I was slightly intimidated by poetry at first but gradually developed a very strong affinity. I also write short stories from time to time. I do all of this for myself not for anyone else. If I do write for anyone else, then they better be very flattered or very worried. *winks*

I am not good at being forced to write something or on demand. But I do write speeches, short stories and articles for friends sometimes. Forced poetry, especially, is something that does not hold the same impact as that “spontaneous overflow of emotions recollected in a state of tranquility” (Wordsworth’s definition, crammed in college). Maybe that is why I haven’t taken it up as a profession, yet. But I will, if I get to write stuff that ensures sustaining my conscious self-satisfaction.

Happy Blogging! x




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  1. We have SO MUCH in common! From the name of our blog to English to poetry to Sylvia Plath to khalil Gibran, every word of this post was relatable.

    Cheers to a new friendship!

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