Monthly Archives: May 2016

Halcyon Sky


Blurry circles and squares of light dimly lit the dark blue night that curtained over the city. She was hardly up this late. She’d sleep early but it was officially the last night before this summer would come to an end. She sat by balcony and let the light gusts of wind blow, slightly caressing her cheeks every now and then. The disturbing trademark summer heat was fading. Everything seemed to be uncannily still, tonight. She felt like she could even listen to her sister’s deep, slumber-ridden breaths from her bed.

She had never seen the sky like this before. She never realized how pretty it could be. Even though she wasn’t dreaming, it still felt like a dream. She liked dreaming. She was especially fond of making up her own dreams. She never liked the ones that would show up out of nowhere in her sleep. The dreams she would immerse into were always drawn on the broadest canvas she could imagine. Something like a huge frozen lake she could endlessly skate on, bare footed She didn’t know why but it made her happy. Dancing and twirling flawlessly on the ice for the world to see. Yet she would be alone. That didn’t scare her. She never felt the lonliness in being alone. She only felt the joy of being in her dream.

Such was the joy she felt by the balcony railing just looking out at the city. Then she lifted her head up. It seemed so humongous. It was so far away but as her small, round face was parallel to the sky, it seemed very close to her. It was as if her lips touched its surface. Her big, wide eyes looked straight at the bluish purple hues of the roof above. The stars were like pretty little glittery freckles that beautified the night.

She didn’t think more than an eight year old hazy eyed, sleepy little girl could think. But there was something she knew from thereon. That the night would be her companion in the years to come. That the darkness didn’t terrify her, no matter how dauntingly huge it was. That there would always be light to shine on her, no matter how small it was. That she would dance her way to her dreams alone and unafraid. She turned around and tip toed her way back to bed and cosily snuggled her much-adored teddy bear before almost instantaneously falling asleep. That night, she aspired to dream more and more, and fall in love with her dreams. That night, she knew how to feel alive.