The Difference


Paranoia exerting
suppressing the ability
to think straight
There’s a time bomb
ticking and beeping
At the back of your head
A racing mind
stumbling then running
for miles
with no destination
No pause, no comma
An inconsequential sentence
Converted paragraph
Divergent and beguiled
Misguided delusion
forming and deforming
Declared ugliness; useless
But why?
Does not abnormality
evolve the normal?
Do not the noble
rise from the ordinary?
Why does eccentricity
a mere brush stroke of madness
make the great
any less (or more) of a human?
One mistake
tripping and falling
a cardinal sin
Mortal damnation
Execution! Execution!
Judgments are final
Ever changing yet objective
Forged subjectivity
It is a bias
to claim not to be biased.


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