Liebster Blog Award



Thank you so much to the amazing blogger Nothern Nevermore for not only considering me worthy but also nominating me for the Liebster Blog Award! I am so sorry for the late response I never really got to read the notification properly and on time. But nonetheless, thank you!

As per what I’ve gathered, I am to answer 11 questions which are as follows:

1) What’s your story? Every writer has one. Whats yours?
Writing has always been my outlet, my refuge and my source of catharsis. When no one could or would understand what I was going through, felt or thought, I’d write. It started from journals, haphazard random poetry and prose, eventually short stories and ultimately more thought-through poetry.

2) The reason why you started a blog in the first place?
I wanted an online source that made it easier to share what I wrote. I’d basically just share the link with other writer friends of mine.

3) Any weird fact about yourself?
I’m a bibliophile/bookworm. The plot twist? I love collecting books more than reading them. I do like reading books a lot but unfortunately I hardly get the time to do so.

4) How would you feel if your anonymity (if you’re a private blogger) were exposed?
I am borderline anonymous. I share what I want to share or I don’t. Although if something I didn’t share was exposed, I’d definitely be offended.

5) One thing that means the most to you?
Love: for humans, books, knowledge, intellect and even pugs! Anything or anyone…

6) Would you give up writing for any reason? If yes, then what?

7) Can you write about diverse topics or can you only write about a particular one like me?
I do think that I am particular in my writing in some ways and diverse in others. But I’d consider it rather particular.

8) What movie/cartoon character would best describe you?
Well, I can relate to Monica from Friends (TV series character)

9) Two words (not more and not less) which would perfectly describe your character?
(A bit too) Passionate and bossy

10) Any other secret talents you’ve got hidden behind the closet?
Singing and dancing, haha!

11) Biggest writing peeves?
Forced perfectionism

*drum roll* And now for the nominations I am supposed to make. Here they are, in no particular order: (If you have been nominated before, please let me know?)

1) Saadoon Minhas
2) Young Man In Spats
3) Akif Rashid
4) Marea Talha
5) Wine and Tobacco
6) Sharen Raphael
7) The Cloud Watcher
8) Bano’s World
9) Tania Umar
10) Feed The Feesh
11) Hafeez Ur Rehman Hadi

Now, for the blogger’s I’ve nominated I present these 11 questions for them to answer and post on their blog.

1) When and how did you realize that you should start writing a blog?
2) What is the most essential thing to a great poem?
3) Which theme do you appreciate the most in your own writing as well as in others?
4) What kind of diction appeals you? Eloquent or rustic?
5) If/when you go to a bookstore out of town, which section would you go through first?
6) Which book has somehow always meant something to you, maybe even more than just a favorite book? Why?
7) Which writer can you relate to the most in the autobiographical and/or thematic sense?
8) How important do you think is the title of a piece of literature?
9) Apart from a writer’s point of view, which genre do you enjoy reading?
10) Fiction or non-fiction? Chose your poison!
11) Describe the non-writer you in three words.


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