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Stillness (Haiku #5)



When your lips purse
The silence pierces through my
Scattered, restless soul

© Rosh Von Amber 2014




I am the delicate crack
You see inside your mirror
Placed at a perfect angle
Rupturing the flawless skin of your facade

I am the lanky shadow
You see on a bright day
Right behind your back
Darkening a fraction of your poise posture

I am the tiny hole
You see on your shirt
On the front of your chest
Exposing what lies beneath your lusty flesh

I am the dusty diary
You would not show
Under your childhood bed
That encrypts tales of your secrets

I am the worn-out pillow
You would not lay out
Shoved beneath a fresh pile
That takes the blow of your anguish

I am the tattered teddy bear
You would not exhibit
Tucked in your blanket
That you hold close through your lonely nights

I am the leprous body
You see yet do not see
Enclosing skin to bones
That you use, misuse and abuse; cradle to grave

I am the dead human
You show yet do not show
Enveloping skin to bones
That rattles against the void of your being

© Rosh Von Amber 2014

Departed Monsoon (Haiku #4)


Shadowing darkness
Hovering over the land
Feed the fear, no help

Desperate prayers
Pleading cries to skies above
Yet still, no answer

Thunderous rainfall
Bashing the surface it touches
No sound heard, but one

Stampede of terror
Haunting at the verge of doom
Hopelessness, eyes droop

Restless heartbeats
Overtaking silence comes
To comfort, console

The departed storms
Echoing in the distance
Tell terrible tales

With poise, we are
Embracing revived dreams but
‘Tis already night


I’ve been away for a while on a much-needed break. But I’m glad to finally be back. To be honest, I have missed writing so now I’ll be trying to do that as often as possible. My focus shall primarily be on poetry that I’ve start to grow very fond of over the past few months.

I’ve come to terms with the fact that this is what I want to do for as long as I can. One of the most encouraging things about writing is the support and feedback so thank you to everyone who has done that! It really does mean a lot. Thank you!

Happy reading and writing! x


Back on Track!

Another Black Hole


Prodigy of a depressive phase.

Halcyon Phoenix

Deep, hollow breaths; inhaling black, exhaling white
No turning back; trapped, stuck for life
Hit by thunder, high on light
Blurry vision, moving ahead
What’d you do? Look back instead

Intertwining downward spiral
Increasing infection’s viral
Vague objects occupy the sky
Suspended in the air, but why?
The grayish black painted disgustingly orange
Elevated in a meditation, so wondrous and strange


An excerpt from my journal
Written: 28/02/13

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The Candle


To the sight
that one sees
’tis the light
Eternal shine
The burning
The melting
’tis the light
Eternally divine
The flicker
The flame
’tis the light
The roar
The blaze
of the star
’tis the light
Eternally bright
Blinding thy self
The core
The center
of this light
That remains
Eternally empty

© Rosh Von Amber 2014

Note: About three years ago, I sat on the carpet in my mum’s room and penned this down in twenty minutes, while intermittently looking at her. Found this piece of paper while rummaging through my stuff a week ago.