Worlds Apart



Navy blue suit, dark grey tie and his neat hair the darkest black
Loose yellow dress, messy brown hair; she was on another track
A resume at the tip of his lips, supposedly an impressive smack
Something top notch and fancy, ’twas everything she would lack

“A poetess?” he repeated, with a hint of sly mockery
She nodded slightly defeated for he laughed silently
A bit offended she asked, “Was it something funny?”
He shook his head and they both looked away defiantly

For he was the embodiment of all her stereotypical notions
For she was defying all his clichés, norms and traditions

For he was what she believed someone meant only for this world
For she was what he believed someone with dreams that twirled

Being the master of all trades, he was the jack of none
Strong, stoic and shrewd, possessing an ambition only one
To win the race on a road where many had before gone
For this was his success where he’d conventionally shone

Being the odd one out, she was misunderstood and misfit
Secluded, skeptical and scholastic, often alone she would sit
Around others she always wondered, why they did not get it?
Purging her thoughts on paper, to only writing she’d commit

Thus silently agreeing ‘twas nothing, just one more disappointment
They departed while immersing in their own versions of amusement

So he went back to his office computer, with data entries he’d proceed
While by her window with a glass of wine, she’d let her typewriter bleed

© Rosh Von Amber 2014


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