Zoning out, going numb, shutting down, brain-dead
As the tune of Nirvana is blasting through my head

Fed up with the rules to which I must conform
All ready and set for me long before I was born
Welcome to the world, young one! We label you free
But no you cannot do that! How atrocious of thee!
“Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains”
Rousseau’s words they are, I am not the one to blame

You know what they call me? A reeking rebel; bloody filthy
Unfortunately not a hypocrite, the charge of which I am guilty
For on my own I think and speak. On my own I believe and dream.
For on my own I love, hate. On my own I live, and thus seem
To be an alien, aloof, abnormal; for this world I am not. Yet
I am one of them! Equally human I am, they always forget.

The sinner, Devil’s Disciple; who won’t be redeemed
“A denial! A denial!” piercingly Kurt Cobain screamed

© Rosh Von Amber 2014


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