She was drenched
in her misery
soaked in the pouring rain
He gave her his raincoat,
swept her under his umbrella,
and took away all the pain.

Wine and Tobacco

Locked in a bathroom stall
Tears are all she has left
The war inside her will never end
And she has no more strength to spend

She has tried razorblades
And she has swallowed pills
But still at night she can only cry
Her deepest desire is to die

I want to hold you close
Kiss you and dry your eyes
You make butterflies inside me dance
Allow yourself one last romance

I’m not trying to change
Any part of your soul
I want to be your own umbrella
And shield you from rainy weather

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About Rosh Von Amber

Pakistani-American. Graduated English major; Literature and Linguistics and currently a Lecturer. A smitten wife, former debater, bibliophile, passionate writer, music junkie, in love with nature and a bit of a vintage hipster.

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