Nightingale’s Refuge


On a shimmering evening, she sits alone by the windows
She is empty and alone, amid all the people she knows
Letting all their muttering voices fade away
She knows this is not where she wants stay

Her perturbed gaze wanders away to lands remote
Her impatient, withered wings ruffle under the rope
Her silent lips conceal what her wide eyes scream
Her worn heart prays that this was just a dream

Her mind ignites sparks and her heart fuels fires
Of love, virtue, passion, compassion that never retires
“I am not for this world,” she thinks to herself
Still stuck here, she utters no cry for help

Then her eyes see two little angels, her arms open wide
There her pain instantly dissolves, where two stars reside
They have come to heal her hidden throbbing blisters
Then she feels at home and the whole world is hers

© Rosh Von Amber 2014

Note: I wrote this for a friend who I genuinely adore and love. She’s a wonderful writer too! I kept playing this song while writing this poem. Hope you like it! x


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