Earth & Water


Part I

For he was Earth
And she was Water
Her glimpses like rain
Scorched Earth,
No matter how parched it is,
Can only drink so much
Before the life-giving Water
Washes everything away.
And he feared
He would drown
If she returned his gaze.

© Saadoon Minhas 2014

Part II

When her eyes
Lifted the veil
On a moonlit night
The high tides of her soul
Could not be contained.
She’d throw gushing waves
Of her existence
To ruthlessly drown
All the Earth had to offer
So her gaze drooped
As the low tide of the sea
Briefly touching then withdrawing
From the sandy shores of Earth
For she wanted to be the Water
That gives, not takes,

© Rosh Von Amber 2014

Earth and Water

Note: I collaborated with the wonderful Saadoon for this piece. He wrote Part I and I responded with Part II. He is an amazing human being and an ever better writer! Check out his blog for more awesome stuff. Especially his recent prose work called The Soft Typewriter. Thank you and enjoy reading! x


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