The thoughts that I would dwell over all night,
Were nothing but reruns of that fight.
What pleasure did we seek? What delight?
To see the other crumble before our sight.

I tossed and you turned beyond our high forts,
Neither you, nor I dared to put in any effort.
In a world such we have only ourselves to support,
So we both continued to let our love distort.

I still wonder how we got here; me, standing at the door
You look at me and there’s nothing in your eyes anymore
Is this what we walked down this wondrous path for?
For Earth and Water to meet, but just at the shore?

For the high tide is now love as the waves retreat
I look at the door and you look at my feet
It is final, it is done. We have accepted defeat.
We were two parallel lines, never meant to meet

© Rosh Von Amber 2014


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