Pseudo-Patriotic Nostalgia


He never gave up, and fought alone
Beating all odds ruthlessly
For this land he now called home
Pursuing sacrifices fearlessly

Gone now, was youth’s sweet vigor
Left now, were only the memories
Of times when the goal was bigger
Now grasped by some foul disease

He shuddered at the lost thought
The dreams once dwelled in his eyes
What seven decades ago he had sought
Were empty promises filled with lies

Yet today, at the break of dawn
He walked out of his little hut
A flag in his hand to hold on
On the road with a proud strut

Even now this was the place
Deserving all he did back then
Even now he would embrace
And do it all over again

Note: This is second half of a poem I wrote for a friend on Pakistan’s Independence Day (14th August). So, all rights reserved and no part of this page may be used for any purpose other than personal use. Thank you!
© 2014 Roshaan Amber


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