I lay sprawled on my back, oppressed by the humid air that slaps my face continuously. I know where my mind wishes to wander but I shall put up a fight tonight, again.

I can feel your presence in my subconscious with the presupposed understanding of unspoken words. The sly grin that etches around the corner of of your mouth. You’re smug, as usual, with those dreamy eyes, slightly tilted head and a crooked chin. Steadily clouding up my senses with the ghost of your aura. My mind twirls up incantations to conjure a phantom of you. My lungs fill up with the air we once shared that hinted traces of your cologne. My lips slightly part and my mouth tastes of the hushed words we whispered to each other.

“This is all but a game we have played over and over, darling. Yet you seek something new every single time, don’t you? Oh no, I dare not complain. After all, the way you haunt the corridors of my mortality is the only way I can live with you.”

I can not help but shudder at the thought of your absence. My mind fails to comprehend the infinite abyss where my only companion is oblivion. How ludicrous was that thought that entered the periphery of my mind that I would be able to walk away from you? How dare I even conceive such a sin? No, no, no!  I’d lose myself. I’d lose you.

“Promise me you shan’t walk away in your crimson-blotched suit? I hate that suit. The bloody red drains the colors of your skin from underneath my fingertips. The ocean of your eyes, that never fail to drown me in them, drowns in a void of nothingness. You won’t ever be wearing that suit again, right? Promise me you’ll be dressed all in white, angel. Just like always.”


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