A Freckle on the Face of the Sky



We all want to believe that the universe, or maybe a portion of a fraction of the universe, is within our sweaty palms. Because we fear our insignificance. It scares the living daylight out of us that we aren’t special. So we spend our limited mortality trying to prove the contrary. Well buck up, kid! You’re in for a surprise; the one you won’t appreciate (like growing up).

The planet earth comprises of 7 billion homo sapiens, approximately. Other than that, there are several billions (google the specifics, dammit!) of other living organisms with a diversity scattered all over the world. Then there are also those beings who cease to exist now due to their fortunately unfortunate extinction. So adding this all up, what makes you so special? How are you, by any means, better than a T-Rex? How will you defend your existence when compared to a Panda? Pandas are the representative of ethno-racial harmony, you know. They are the amalgamation of black and white (old school FTW!) and they’re essentially found in China. Herro!

What about you? You chuckle about a racist joke you made up in your head that most probably no one else will find funny. Your best friend will laugh at it because that’s a part of the Friendship Contract that they’ve signed. Article 3, Chapter 37, page 5, column 2 (with latest amendment) states that even and/or when you know your friend is being lame, it is essential that you make a vague attempt to conceal the awkwardness that followed the execution of a lame act in order to neutralize the situation. Although, skipping 4 pages, on page 9 it is stated in column 4 that being a friend you may or may not laugh at your friend’s lameness keeping in view the probable reaction. Exceptional conditions include gender status. If the friend is a female, column 4 must be neglected in all situations because let’s admit it, these rules and laws usually just don’t apply to women. Hell, ain’t nobody gonna treat us like their pets, eh! *snaps her fingers* One glass of radical feminism, on the rocks. *plays Destiny’s Child’s Independent Woman*

There, there. This is just a single example of stereotypical social contracts that humans tend to sign. God Forbid, 13 volumes of the Amorous Relationship Contract are a nightmare! So, you spend your whole life abiding by these socio-culturally typical norms and values on how to spend your life. I would again put forth the question, what makes you special? The fact that you have perfectly manipulated your (average) 40-70 years of life on replicating the demonstration of a life standard just like several thousand others does not make you unique. It makes you a fucking coward. Once upon a time, someone’s great grandpa’s nana had the balls to stand up and pave the path that has now become just another job in the market now.

Birth, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, middle age, old age; eating, walking, talking, schooling, college-ing, working, marrying, reproducing, nurturing, retiring, dying… Is that just how it is to be till the world collides into some Godforsaken black hole? Maybe. Maybe not. Right now, I’m too busy deciding what cookies I want to buy.


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