Man is the limit


There’s something about magic that makes us believe in miracles. The wonder, the glory, the mystery; it all tends to provoke deep rooted human curiosity. What is magic, but a deceptive illusion that the mind fails to grasp within a certain time frame. Then we find ourselves trying to solve the puzzle. We need to know how it happened and why it happened.

The fear of the unknown limits human abilities. That is some freaky shit. It is much easier to ignore the fact that our presence in this world is insignificant. There are seven billion other human beings in this world but we think we’re different and unique. We want to be special and different. We want what we lack.

So, our life is an attempt to find meaning out of each and everything. Obviously, physics has proved that there’s an effect to every cause and a cause to every effect. If something unexplained happens, there must be some cause, right? The other side of the picture, the bigger picture and other consolation prizes. That’s just how life is. That’s just how we’re wired. That’s just how goddamn finite we are!


About Rosh Von Amber

Pakistani-American. Graduated English major; Literature and Linguistics and currently a Lecturer. A smitten wife, former debater, bibliophile, passionate writer, music junkie, in love with nature and a bit of a vintage hipster.

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