It’s a trap!


Bam, bam, bam! “I’ll rattle until it goes numb.” Knock, knock. “Let me out! How long do you think you can keep me inside like this?” Thud, thud.

“I can hear you pacing back and forth. Contemplate as much as you want, you ruthless, pathetic piece of shit! I’m not letting you out.”

Yet there he is and here you are. As much as you dread confrontations of this nature, you find yourself in the middle of it. This isn’t the first time. You tend to delay things as much as you can. But then, what do you do when you are to confront this mongrel?

“You love me, confess it. As much as you hate me, you love me.” He snickers, you panic.

“Shut it!” You punch the door with your fist; a useless action. “Your words are nothing but thin air.”

“You breathe me.” He whispers from the other side of the wooden door. You shake your head. “Let me out,” he says in a deep, low voice, “you know you want to.”

“You want to see me, don’t you? You want to know me, don’t you? You want to let me out, oh don’t you?” The last words almost take your breath away. Almost. ALMOST!

“Go fuck yourself!” You swear and kick the door. You command your legs to lead you far from this place but they don’t. Screams ring in your ears and vibrate through your nerves. They are your own. Why is your face wet? You touch it and feel trickles of perspiration that later on mix with your tears.

You fidget through your pockets with trembling hands. Where did you put the key? Where is it? It falls to the ground and you rush to pick it up.

“I’m letting you out so that you can leave me alone, okay?” No answer. You pause midway. “Hey… Wake up! I’m about to open the door.” Silence. You quickly proceed to unlock the door. You mumble under your breath “please be okay, please please be okay.” *Click* The door unlocked. You push it open.

The interior is chalk white, too white for you. He pushes you in and SLAM! The door locks behind you.

“You sly little bastard” You mutter under your breath. “You won, again.” (1)


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