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10 Things it’s time for Pakistanis to realize


10 Things it’s time for Pakistanis to realize.




What do you do,
When the air suffocates you?
Out of the blue
Not what you knew

From the cracks in the walls
A memory calls
Hell befalls
A sensation crawls

Promises for tomorrow
Mourn in sorrow
No sympathy to borrow
What do to do  now?

The present’s now past
Nothing has last
Time ran out fast
Mortified! Aghast!

Why so glum? My little chum
Just have fun, under the sun

Oh hush you! You have no clue
Of the pain, I had to gain

Cheery words, are all absurd
In terror I live, my life I give

I kept my vow, it’s time to bow
I take my leave, there’s more to grieve

What to do, you ask; this was the task
It is what I do, and so do you