A Dose of Sanity, for the Insane


The things that drive me crazy are the things that make me feel alive. There’s so much to experience in life and there’s not enough time! Safety mocks the outrageous risks that I take. Security is too mainstream and over rated.

I might not be able to do all the things I would want to do in life. But the process of imagining that one day, you might be able to bungie jump, skinny dip or sky dive with your best mates in your favorite country, it’s an experience in itself. Call me a day-dreamer if you may, but hoping for happy days is not a cardinal sin. At least not from where I stand.
I watched a movie Now Is Good in which a leukemic 17 year old girl makes a list of the things she wants to do before she dies. I say, why do we need an excuse to do that? Each and every one of us is bound to die, sooner or later. Then why not give yourself a chance at enjoying life?

My best friend just said this to me today, If you stop being such a cynic, you’d realize, life is beautiful. As much as my skepticism provoked me to argue with her, I didn’t. Because she wasn’t wrong. Beautiful does not have to be perfect. I do not consider beauty to be universal, in strict terms. Sometimes, the apparently ugliest things hold such beauty in them, that not every person can appreciate. Commonly appreciated notions and accepted cliches are self imposed authorities.

A great person once told me one of the greatest rules I live by these days, free yourself! To be very honest, this isn’t easy at all. Freedom is one of the most controversial issues these days. But I think, there are levels of freedom that can be attained. This freedom that I speak of, is the freedom from mental enslavement. “He said this…” and “She wants me to do that…” or “But what will they think?”… Get rid of it! It is your life. Wouldn’t it be better if you lived it instead of someone else?Image


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  1. first time reader actually but …….u know your brother right 😛 i mean reading is not my thing but i really really enjoyed what u have to say ……

    but isn’t it always the case that we end up enslaved by others narrow thinking…. that our decisions and our thoughts and our life is the actual reflection of what people want ……

    • Rehan bhai, it’s nice to see your comment!
      As for your opinion, it coincides with that I wrote. In a way, that we’re concerned due to the social pressure, usually. I wish people could try to relieve themselves from it, as much as possible.

      Thanks for reading 🙂

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