Monthly Archives: September 2012

Beyond the Apparel

Can you be so sure of your judgement? No. For you do not know what stories are hidden in the depths of a soul or the burdens carried by a battered heart. The finality of a verdict is beyond human vision. What one person feels can neither be identical, nor duplicated. Everyone has their own mind to think and heart to feel. Can you relate to others? Yes. As it is human nature to cling on to thing on the base of familiarity.
But there are certain things that can not be explained, not in words, maybe in actions. There are, what I could call, phenomenons that the soul undergoes. It alters the apparently “normal” situation in particular spacio-temporal conditions. Yet it does not alter the soul that has undergone this transition. Instead, it goes into a trance of meditation. One not only ponders, but questions the evolution of such ideas and feelings. The aloofness alienates the person, dragging them into confusion.
Can this mess ever make sense? Maybe. The world of labels approves everything with a name tag on it. But does every single thing need to be tagged with a name? No. It can only be felt, not spoken of. But if it is undefinable, then how is one to convey what they feel? This maze’s path circles around back to where you started.

The truth is inevitable, with or without a name.

Love one another, but make not a bond of love: Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls. 

Khalil Gibran