Monthly Archives: May 2012

Chaos Prodigy

Man seems to constantly be struggling. Struggling for or against things; that one shares a love-hate relationship with. We are in a mental and physical state of chaos. We are the product of this chaos. No wonder so many people prefer to just retire from all cliches. After all, everyone has the right to look for their own solutions. The problem lies in our existence. Before human beings, things were already existing, or were they? No one questions the existence of every possible entity the way humans do. This is where religion builds faith and instates the ability to believe.The choice of faith is a very crucial one.
The pompous part of being a human is that we have this daunting urge to convince and prove our righteousness. Individually and mutually people are fighting for what they think is right. Some people have combined motives, others have comparatively personal ones.
At the end of the day, there is a story behind everything. Sometimes, we are able to figure it out. Other times, the story is out of reach and we have to figure it out for ourselves with the help of a highly complex organ called; the brain. Let’s face the music, we all use it every now and then. The questions erupt and overflow. It isn’t possible to have everything figured out. Many questions are rhetoric just to let things be the way they are. The fascination of human obsession carries him away every now and then. Not getting what one desires perturbs him. That is when he seeks refuge in escape.

The moment to live in the illusion.  
Close your eyes and shut it all out. Crawl under your bed and sneak out through a tunnel that leads you to where you have figured it all out and it makes sense. No need to fake anything for anyone, not even yourself. That is when you find your true self. 
That illusion is the moment of disillusionment.