Monthly Archives: April 2012


Humans are always catching at a straw. There seems to be a need to cling on to things that seem familiar. The concept of intimacy fascinates many of us. Some shut that part off as if life was digital just like the current mechanical world. Just because we live in a world of machines does not make us machines. No matter how good we are at showing off this facade of being strong like metal, the fact remains undeniable that we are not robots. We are not made of metal or plastic. Though our lives seem pretty dependable on these things. Alas, the amusing by-products of this industrially revolutionized world!
The intriguing part of all of this is that man’s essential nature has not changed. Even when surrounded by the bewildering technology, electronic gadgets of fascination and astonishing digitized outburst, man is still the same. It’s pleasing to observe the historical gender-biased discussions still prevailing. The whole “guys vs girls”; we rule you drool concept is still in vogue. That proves that humans are intact with their instincts. From the sense of compatibility to spirit of competition, passion to aggression, love to hate, ignorance to knowledge… It is pleasing to know that humans are not extinct. Even though man has devised machines that can replace the human heart and robots of artificial intelligence to replace the human brain, man still thinks and feels just like he always has.