Emancipation from these chains

Free yourself!
From the chains that you have bound yourself in. From the ever tiring reality that surrounds you. Reason, intellect, logic… They all shall intertwine your brain just like strings of wool. There shall be no start and no end. Just a jumble of mess, a heap of dung.
Grow up!
Realize, that the heart is given so much importance for a reason. Emotions do make you helpless. Do not be afraid of it! Stop whining about how weak they make you. Don’t complain about the pain they give you. Seek pleasure in the flight of your imagination. Elevate your soul to the heights of heart-felt feelings.
Let go!
You are not meant to hold on to the hard facts and figures of life. Life does not follow binary system. It’s like a hour glass that slips by with time. It leaves behind sand dunes of memories. Memories are never associated with logic. They are always associated with emotions. Happy, sad, enraging, jealous, inspirational, silly and crazy memories. Do you think before you feel? Do you send your brain an application of approval before you feel pain when you get hurt or when you laugh with joy?
Believe in love!
Lean your shoulder and cry your heart out. Someone is there who wants to hold you and reassure you that they are always going to be there for you. Yes, there is someone out there, not necessarily for forever, but for as long as possible. There for you. The person who shall make your silly, idealistic, lovey dovey dreams come true. Give your heart out to them. Hurting is a by product, nothing to worry about. The caution snatches the fun from love. Let yourself lose! They don’t call it falling in love for nothing. You fall, you don’t follow the trend of “look before you leap”. No, not here. Don’t.
Set your soul free, let your emotions flee, feel your heart beat and listen to the rhythm that flows in your veins and pumps life into you every second of the day… for the rest of your life…

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