Dreams *pop* Reality

Admit it, we all have our own world of fantasies in our head. It’s a refuge, it’s a place where you can go and play hide and seek with your real life. Sometimes you hide yourself in your dreams, but eventually reality catches up with you and bursts your delicate bubble. But dreamland is not eternal, it’s not real.
Yes, I might be acting cynical. But the truth is the truth. The truth is more like dark chocolate. It’s the purest form but it’s not the best in taste. Actually, it’s the worst in taste. For some, it’s inedible. Similarly, confronting the reality is not everyone’s piece of cake. But every one has at least one secret that will break your heart.
Girls (of course, even me) dream about getting married to their prince charming. The prince charming will come, sweep her off her feet and take her with him to their palace where they’ll live happily ever after. Walt Disney is the most cruel person, in this manner, who provokes us to dream such beautiful dreams and makes us cry when we realize they’re just animated cartoons based on bedtime fairy tales. The movies are beautiful and the stories are lovely. I don’t doubt that. Most of our childhood is based on them. But expecting such things is a bit far fetched. Why don’t we treat our maids like Cinderellas, then? Why doesn’t any prince charming go and kiss a girl dying from cancer in a hospital like sleeping beauty? Rarely, we meet such instances. That is why we find them so inspiring.
Reality, is opposed to this. There is no such thing as a perfect prince charming or dream girl princess. Perfect love does not exist. Yet, there is an occurrence of inextricable fates that are apparently like shapeless, ugly puzzle pieces. But they fit in perfectly and make a beautiful picture. Sometimes, the puzzle messes up. The pieces scatter and life becomes a blurry picture. You feel incomplete, like the missing pieces of a puzzle. What you have to do is focus and be patient. Sort the puzzle out, just like a jigsaw puzzle in a child’s hands. A child’s logic lies in his innocence, in his heart. We grown ups shun our emotions of intellectual basis. Sometimes, it’s just better to let things loose and enjoy life, for a change.
Discouraging imagination and restricting dreams to reality is like feeding a human through I.V.s and giving him oxygen through a cylinder. Keeping the whole puzzle metaphor in mind, dreams and reality can be made clear. Dreaming in life is like visualizing the whole picture of the puzzle, the way you want it to be. Reality is picking every piece and putting into it’s place. You try, sometimes using your logic, sometimes your instincts and even your heart. At some places, the piece fits. At other places, it doesn’t. You don’t stop there! You try to fit it somewhere else.
Similarly, if something isn’t meant to be somewhere in your life, where you wanted and hoped it to be, then try putting it somewhere else. If that doesn’t work, maybe that piece isn’t meant to be a part of your puzzle. It’ll only complicate your life, being an extra piece that is filling up extra room.
Life isn’t easy, but it isn’t meant to be made more complicated than it already is.

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