Random Blessings

I didn’t notice her at first. Why should I? She was just another stranger. My whole focus was on getting my work done, as soon as possible. I was drained by the overloaded passengers, especially kiddy packages on the ride back home. It was hard to figure out where my legs were as they seemed to intersect with the legs of school kids sitting in front of me.
“Calm down, you’ll be home soon.” I thought to myself. “Just be patient” I reassured myself. My temper and impatience always got to my nerves within an instant. This was too petty to bother. All I could do, was keep a straight face and let my mind figure out stuff about my work in the meantime. Thinking about random things has always been something that I enjoy while traveling. Whether it’s just a ride home, I let my mind drift away and brainstorm about random things.
This morning, I happened to notice a billboard for the gazillionth time. I started thinking about the models in it. Weighing the pros and cons of their career. Gradually, the thoughts lead to my own career. What shall I do? What should I do? And so on… But then, this was something I did every day.
“Why don’t you drop this young lady first, son?” The sound of the old lady, who was sitting a seat away from me, was unexpected.
“I have some work to do, so it’s okay, you can drop everyone else first.” I responded, politely.
“Oh no! Don’t say that! This fellow always messes up with the route while dropping the passengers.” She said. I was amused. Then, it started…
“Whats your name, dear?” She inquired. I told her my name. She asked about where I lived and what I studied.
“English? Why on earth did you chose such a subject?” The question startled me. But it wasn’t something new.
“I love it! I am enjoying my studies a lot.” I replied, calmly. Traces of offense were hinting from my tone.
“Oh no, dear, no. Whats the use of such a subject? You should’ve studied from our school so that your basics would be strong.”
“I wasn’t born here.” I shyly said. I did not know why I was discussing my life with this random old lady. Whatever the reason might be, it was not disturbing me. I was enjoying her company.
“Oh! Then you should drop by some time. Our principal is Irish, she’d love to meet you.” I smiled, in response. She asked me about my family. I did not give extensive details.
“What about your siblings?” She asked on.
“None. I’m the only child.”
“No brother, either?”
“No, ma’m.”
“Oh dear, then you have to become someone great in your life. You are meant to do great things. You have to be strong. Make your parents proud, sweetheart.” I looked at her face, keenly. The wrinkles on her face were well defined with time. Her expressions were calm and humble. I was a bit confused. I was used to giving such answers. Usually people sympathized with me. Her answer was unique. I felt elated. We stood outside her house. She invited me inside, but I politely refused reminding her about my work. She held my hand and said,
“It was great meeting you. You’re a lovely girl. You’re meant to do great things in your life. Make sure you do those things and make everyone proud. God bless you sweetheart, in everything, throughout your life.” She held my hand in both of her hands and kissed my hand.
She stepped down, turned back to wish me luck for my future and left. I am quite sure I was teary eyed. This was something out of this world for me. These five minutes seemed to revive an describable spirit in me. I did not know anything about her, not even her name. All I felt was the warmth of her blessings that enveloped me.

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