The Battle Within

A thunder, rambles on
That voice, mumbles on
Pushing it out of my head
A scream from the dead
A tree has fallen in the forest
No sound, no difference made
This was meant for the best
Yet red still drips from the blade
Unintentional fascinations
Unwanted appeals
Breathing through damnations
Is all that one feels
Colors blinded by grays of life
Need I burn through this strife?
Moans and cries, all in vain
Is it wrong to be insane?Resurructed strength’s ashes
Blinking eclipse’s flashes
Solitude reigns, tears shed
Numbing pain, numbing dread


About Rosh Von Amber

Pakistani-American. Graduated English major; Literature and Linguistics and currently a Lecturer. A smitten wife, former debater, bibliophile, passionate writer, music junkie, in love with nature and a bit of a vintage hipster.

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