See; what I see…

    Sitting in an office, my eyes look around for any source of intrigue. Eventually, my gaze fixes on this potrait. I have seen this portrait a million times, in almost every office. But this time, it seems quite different. I want you all to also see what I saw. As I looked at Quaid-e-Azam’s well known face, I start exploring things that I had never though of before. His face was serious yet hinted his obvious intelligence. His expressions depicted his alertness yet he maintains his dignified posture like a calm, deep sea. His eyes, yes, the eyes had a vision. A vision that was far beyond what we hear on the radio, watch on the television or read in books, newspapers and articles. It was a vision of the future. It was this vision that he saw, and wanted us all to see. Similarly, I want you to see, what I see, as I stand here and take the concept of “seeing” to futher levels of perception.

    See what I see; not just moving pictures of the world but, the stories that every picture tells. See what I see; not just random faces of living creatures, but the emotions that blossom in their hearts and the faith that seeps deep in their souls. See what I see; not the amount or magnitude of attacks a super power country does, but the homeless orphans from third world countries who dream of becoming doctors, engineers, entertainers and businessmen. See what I see; not two rival neighbouring countries at the verge of a silent, cold war but two extremely different nations who spent several centuries together, in unity, before the greatest migration of the world’s history. Do you see what I see? A sight not just for the eyes, but for the mind, the heart and the soul. This sight is rooted deep in our senses giving us a vision. This sight is what brought revolutions like that in France and Russia.

    Words out of emotional tantrums and exaggeration of the media is not what is needed. It is the vision, the sight to see and percieve for the better, that is needed. Silence may prove to be a great weapon. It indicates the static omen of a storm to come. Words are one’s strength, they should be used wisely. What I see, is quite the contrary. I see people bluffing about what they can do for the welfare of the society. Yet, nothing has been put to action. If you see what I see, you could measure the importance of actions more than words.

    If only you could see what I see, the world would seem to be such a different place. In order to see what I see, only one vital key is required to be adapted, that is, positive thinking. Think positive and your vision shall broaden beyond the horizons of your imagination. Infinity is where your own self refrains to go beyond. Explore infinity and see what no one else can see. See what everyone should see, what I want you to see. See, what I see…


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