A Paradox We Call Love

Love; one of the most unexplainable and undefinable terms ever to be known in the history of mankind. Some people are obsessive and optimistic with the whole concept of being in love. As someone said, it happens to be that

“I am in love, with the idea of being in love.”

Whereas, on the other hand, others bitterly criticize love, altogether. It’s rarely seen, that someone has a neutral experience or comment regarding this phenomenal issue. In short, ‘love’ is a highly misunderstood and misused (even abused!) term and the concept behind it is even more complex.

Love; one of the most amazing yet unexplainable feelings that any living creature can experience. It’s the kind of feeling that can make you, or break you. When it makes you, you couldn’t imagine of feeling any better. But when it breaks you, you couldn’t feel more shattered.

When love envelopes you, it seems to dawn new horizons upon you. You see things in ways you never did before.  But sometimes, it does more than changing your external paradigm, it helps you explore yourself. You question who you are, where you stand and what you want. Your needs, aims, requirements, cravings, ambitions and emotions reflect in this mirror.

It seems like it does not independently exist. It is an emotional black hole. There are certain emotional necessities which a single person can not attain, without the help of an intimate relationship. The level of intimacy required, the understanding, emotions required and needs to be fulfilled vary from person to person. The amalgamation of these various aspects create a mush of something that cannot be clearly identified. So, we call it, love.


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