It amazes me, how people can act innocent, and slyly fulfill their selfish needs. It becomes difficult to distinguish between feeling dumbstruck and awestruck.
Being clever is a trait. But using it in a productive manner, is an art. The masters of this art have indeed, excelled in many ways.
All this creates an image of parasites, feeding on their nutritiously beneficial hosts. This mutual relationship is just a matter of survival. A building cannot stand erect without having it’s own base, and it’s own foundation. If you expect to progress using your neighbors ladder, eventually they’ll take that ladder back and you’ll fall from that state of elevation, which you were so proud of.
As for those, who struggle to elevate from scratch to a masterpiece, are true legends. Attaining that status is not easy, as the responsibility solely lies upon the shoulders of that person, who is determined.
The weather never remains the same, some days are good, others might not be so good. But facing each day, knowing that you’ll finally get through it, is the true spirit of success.
Passion and craze for your aim, is all that matters. The hurdles are just an excuse to be challenged.

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