To Infinity & Beyond?

No matter how far I go, there has to be a limit
It’s beyond those limits
Infinity is what we don’t and won’t want to discover

I’d rather just let it be
Like adding “etc” to something you’d rather not describe
Some things are meant to be left the way they are
For our mind to struggle and think about
People say, there’s one world
I say, there as many worlds, as the total population of every living creature
Everyone has their own world
Scientists think they’ve geometrically measured the world
But the world is larger for a paramecium as compared to an elephant
It’s how you look at things, how and what you want your world to be
The world for a recluse is even smaller than that of a paramecium
The more you explore the world, the more you explore yourself, the bigger your world becomes
My world, is my knowledge.
I will strive to seek as much knowledge as I possibly can, till my last breathe.

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