Give me a reason, for me to believe in…

If everything had a reason, we’d know the meaning of everything. The whole point of discovering knowledge and unveiling mysteries would extinct.
There would be no point left in life, to struggle and live. When the consequences of events would already be known, the point of performing the action would be baseless.
Reasons are not purely pre-existent, we create reasons. Our hypothesis are extensive. We have a whole subconscious of hypothetical encyclopedias.
Causes and their effects. Actions and their reactions. Is it that simple?
No, not at all.We all are interwoven threads of a glorious network created by a Supreme Power. This network is named, The Universe. Everything that exists here, is so intertwined, that nature goes on in a sequence. From one event to another. When one event effects another, without any hypothetical cause that we can suggest, we call it luck or fate.


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