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Being as random as I could be, I inferred that a person is known, by the shoes he wears. It shows what his choice of shoes is, what type of shoes he needs to walk, what he is comfortable with, where he might’ve possibly been and where he plans to go to…The condition of the shoes also represents life in general. Some people are comfortable in their old shoes and no matter how battered the condition of the shoes might get, they still like to wear those shoes. Similarly some people prefer their personal comfort zones and lifestyle, prefer not to change it. Even if they temporarily change it, they still feel better in their favorite shoes.
Muddy and dirty shoes might depict the person’s past choice of path. New and clean shoes might indicate maintainable choices or a new change.

Just a general assumption out of keen observation.


Principles and Paradigms

We center it with principles
Everyone has a different center
From material to ambitions
One to the other
And even, one’s own self.
It is beautiful
As long as our paradigm is appropriate.
We tend to get fed up
Hatred, negativity, frustration
It all pressurizes us
All we need to do
Is change our glasses
Clean them, and have a look at our lives, again

We can’t see things right
Until our view isn’t right
It’s like trying to focus on a scenery
With the glasses with the wrong lenses for you
Is how you look at it
Adore what you have
Strive for what you want


It amazes me, how people can act innocent, and slyly fulfill their selfish needs. It becomes difficult to distinguish between feeling dumbstruck and awestruck.
Being clever is a trait. But using it in a productive manner, is an art. The masters of this art have indeed, excelled in many ways.
All this creates an image of parasites, feeding on their nutritiously beneficial hosts. This mutual relationship is just a matter of survival. A building cannot stand erect without having it’s own base, and it’s own foundation. If you expect to progress using your neighbors ladder, eventually they’ll take that ladder back and you’ll fall from that state of elevation, which you were so proud of.
As for those, who struggle to elevate from scratch to a masterpiece, are true legends. Attaining that status is not easy, as the responsibility solely lies upon the shoulders of that person, who is determined.
The weather never remains the same, some days are good, others might not be so good. But facing each day, knowing that you’ll finally get through it, is the true spirit of success.
Passion and craze for your aim, is all that matters. The hurdles are just an excuse to be challenged.

Heart To Heart, Life To Life

It’s always the beauty, that kills the beast.
And turns the beast, into something beyond beauty.
With the magic spell of love.
That we all dream about, from childhood.
We all have those fairytale perfect stories.
And that one silly human makes those stories real.
Not with their literary description of extensive qualities.
But with those cute imperfections, with those sweet flaws.
It is that love, that completes us.

To Infinity & Beyond?

No matter how far I go, there has to be a limit
It’s beyond those limits
Infinity is what we don’t and won’t want to discover

I’d rather just let it be
Like adding “etc” to something you’d rather not describe
Some things are meant to be left the way they are
For our mind to struggle and think about
People say, there’s one world
I say, there as many worlds, as the total population of every living creature
Everyone has their own world
Scientists think they’ve geometrically measured the world
But the world is larger for a paramecium as compared to an elephant
It’s how you look at things, how and what you want your world to be
The world for a recluse is even smaller than that of a paramecium
The more you explore the world, the more you explore yourself, the bigger your world becomes
My world, is my knowledge.
I will strive to seek as much knowledge as I possibly can, till my last breathe.

Give me a reason, for me to believe in…

If everything had a reason, we’d know the meaning of everything. The whole point of discovering knowledge and unveiling mysteries would extinct.
There would be no point left in life, to struggle and live. When the consequences of events would already be known, the point of performing the action would be baseless.
Reasons are not purely pre-existent, we create reasons. Our hypothesis are extensive. We have a whole subconscious of hypothetical encyclopedias.
Causes and their effects. Actions and their reactions. Is it that simple?
No, not at all.We all are interwoven threads of a glorious network created by a Supreme Power. This network is named, The Universe. Everything that exists here, is so intertwined, that nature goes on in a sequence. From one event to another. When one event effects another, without any hypothetical cause that we can suggest, we call it luck or fate.

Selfless or Selfish?

Sometimes, becoming pathetically selfless snatches the point of leading your own life.

If living life for someone else is what life is about, then there would be no concept of individuality. It would be others’ life, not yours.
Exaggerated humanity would wipe out the meaning of living your life for yourself.

But extreme selfishness would diminish the existence of humanity. Hasn’t enough damage already been done?

The decision lies upon the shoulder of every person. How much weight should someone give to their personal way of life, for themselves and the life they spend for others?