A new horizon

A new horizon seems to be dawning. What shall it lead to? A catastrophe or brilliant mirage?
Where approaches seem to change, consciousness seems to evolve. Is this a revolution, or realization?
Many unanswered questions, left upon time, to answer. And what shall we do with the answers? They shall only satisfy the hunger of our minds and souls. Because having solid facts is what human nature always craves for. We always want properly proportioned measures of life. Though, equilibrium faces constant turbulence, whether evident or rather suppressed.
Obvious or not, things are changing, they always have, they always will. Now, it depends upon the mind, to accept it or not. Whatever our mind accepts, is what we believe and whatever our mind rejects, if what we refuse to believe. The world is what we want it to be. Everyone has their own world, they prefer to include the things they like, and exclude the things that they do not like. Our world keeps on changing, with the development of our acceptance and tolerance. Recluses are those, with the most limited and self-centered worlds of all. But even those, with larger radii of their own worlds, end up saying, “It’s a small world after all.”
The world isn’t small, it is round. If you start running from one point, you can run around the whole world, and end up at the same place, sometime or the other.
What the world is, and what we want it to be, is basically what we make of it.
Make the best of what you’ve got. It’s the only world you’re getting, at least, for now.

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