The Curious Case of the Human Brain


Writing. One of the expressive mediums that I find, quite amazing and inspiring. It’s intriguing, how people can use words to express things in such a beautiful way. Sometimes, the intensity of the words, that the certain topic is discussed with, just awes one’s mind. Human brain, is indeed, a wonder, a mystery, that I find delightfully surprising, and shocking. It’s insane, how that very brain can create brilliant wonders and gruesome catastrophes! It has also been stated, at many places that people only use about 4% of their brain. Thats scary. Because, if that 4% of the mind can reach such heights of intellect, then I would say, it would frighten, if the rest of the brain worked too. But upto some extent, in one way or the other, the rest of the brain also plays its part, maybe not actively. However, whatever this human brain does, it’s eccentric. It amuses me, how some people say that some people are dumb, and don’t “use” their brains! I think that even the so called dumb people also use their brains. But just not in the way we expect them to. We force them to use their brains in the direction which their mind refuses to head to.
This mystery is an intriguing one, human brain has conjures thoughts, that will keep this world in a constant thinking input and effecting output process, till the end of time..!

(originally posted FRIDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2010 at 8:53 AM)


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