First Words


Melancholy. It is one of the most dreadfully haunting things in life, which follows you like a shadow and is as dark as yr shadow’s existence is.
Abstract ideas, emotions and feelings can never be defeated, yet can be ignored. As the more you feel them, the more their existence will envelope you. Hence, one has to chalk out ways to out run and go ahead of such obstacles. I seek refuge in writing. Writing about questions, thier possible answers, my life, my feelings, the things from my point of view that I find worth commenting.
Thus, I, am here, behind a framework of words facing each and every entity that claims to exist in this world, as a human being, to convey on my behalf, some things about realities and fantacies, and the gap between them. My concepts may be immature, my view may be weak, I might be too young too unappreciative and extensively criticized. But I am just writing my part in addition to the already brilliant infinity. With no other purpose, other than self-satisfaction more than anything else. Other things comes along and make their way themselves.
So, this is my attempt, the attempt of a seedling in the world, that is striving for it’s growth and in process of gaining it’s identity as a strong, grandly marked tree, with certain distinction. But at this developing stage, my refection may be seen as I am depicting it in my words through my illustration.


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