Extremism can be fatal


In life, extremism can definitely kill.
Whether it is the positive extreme, or the negative extreme.
When it comes to the negative extreme, it only deduces the beauty of life. It creates havoc. It causes a sense of disability, where every path seems to lead to a dead end and life seems to become stagnant. Which is not a good omen. As life is a symbol of constant journey, constant dynamics. Negativity holds you back to a certain point, where your fear seems to be minimized up to a stable point.
But complete optimism can lead to total lay back attitude. Expecting too much from a certain event can make life very difficult. As quoted, The more the Expectations, The more are the Disappointments. Hence, the blind belief is All is well, and will be well is quite foolish. A mistake that can not be reliable to amend.


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