An Ode to Myself


Oh dearest self,

So here I am…writing again. I seem to have grown out of things. I’ve grown out of things that I tended to cling to just in order to attain self-security.But then, I figured out, self-security is not attained by external sources, nor can it be acquired by contentment of the external atmosphere. Self-security includes the word “self”, and self means you. So no one else is going to make you safe and secure, you are going to make yourself secure.

Understanding myself is the basic key to self satisfaction, thats what I needed. I’ve been trying to understand myself. But that is technically impossible! Human nature is unpredictable and I am impulsive. This leads to vigorous reaction of something that not even the most learned and skilled psychoanalasysts can predict.

Predictions are things that make you lose your self confidence. You lose the ability to believe that you can do something. you start planning things and force them to go the way you have set your mind to take it. But even behind that plan, you your own force, your own will to do that. Why don’t we understand that we are the ones who make and break things? Why do we refuse to accept the responsibility? It is our life and we are the ones who control it. No one else did, is or will.

(originally posted on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2010 at 06:05am)


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