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Love is supposed to be full of surprises… But what if you run out of ideas…??
Creativity and spontaneity spark up our lives!


An Ode to Myself


Oh dearest self,

So here I am…writing again. I seem to have grown out of things. I’ve grown out of things that I tended to cling to just in order to attain self-security.But then, I figured out, self-security is not attained by external sources, nor can it be acquired by contentment of the external atmosphere. Self-security includes the word “self”, and self means you. So no one else is going to make you safe and secure, you are going to make yourself secure.

Understanding myself is the basic key to self satisfaction, thats what I needed. I’ve been trying to understand myself. But that is technically impossible! Human nature is unpredictable and I am impulsive. This leads to vigorous reaction of something that not even the most learned and skilled psychoanalasysts can predict.

Predictions are things that make you lose your self confidence. You lose the ability to believe that you can do something. you start planning things and force them to go the way you have set your mind to take it. But even behind that plan, you your own force, your own will to do that. Why don’t we understand that we are the ones who make and break things? Why do we refuse to accept the responsibility? It is our life and we are the ones who control it. No one else did, is or will.

(originally posted on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2010 at 06:05am)

The Curious Case of the Human Brain


Writing. One of the expressive mediums that I find, quite amazing and inspiring. It’s intriguing, how people can use words to express things in such a beautiful way. Sometimes, the intensity of the words, that the certain topic is discussed with, just awes one’s mind. Human brain, is indeed, a wonder, a mystery, that I find delightfully surprising, and shocking. It’s insane, how that very brain can create brilliant wonders and gruesome catastrophes! It has also been stated, at many places that people only use about 4% of their brain. Thats scary. Because, if that 4% of the mind can reach such heights of intellect, then I would say, it would frighten, if the rest of the brain worked too. But upto some extent, in one way or the other, the rest of the brain also plays its part, maybe not actively. However, whatever this human brain does, it’s eccentric. It amuses me, how some people say that some people are dumb, and don’t “use” their brains! I think that even the so called dumb people also use their brains. But just not in the way we expect them to. We force them to use their brains in the direction which their mind refuses to head to.
This mystery is an intriguing one, human brain has conjures thoughts, that will keep this world in a constant thinking input and effecting output process, till the end of time..!

(originally posted FRIDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2010 at 8:53 AM)

I made a mistake & I regret it…


We make mistakes in our life, we all do. And at a certain point in life, when we realize that mistake, we regret it. Some regrets seem to be worth the pain and some mistakes are worth repetition. But in reality, mistakes are called mistakes because they are not supposed to be repeated. The word regret represents resentment, something that is not supposed to be done again and again.
What is the use of putting a plant, in a dark corner and keeping it devoid of the sunlight? It shall only sulk and die away. So shall the person, die in guilt and gloom, of the mistake.
Not everyone has everything is life. The concept of imperfection is created on the basis of lacking. And the way imperfect people strive for attaining perfection is a marvelous process. It is necessary to hope for certain things in life. But to expect that you shall receive that thing, is one step beyond optimism. It is better off to work hard, in order to get the things you want. It seems like an old school thought, hard work and it’s reward. But it works, hence the lesson is preached. If it were just another cock and bull story, people would discard it from the conventional norms.
But then, another point of concern is, the state of rejection from the struggle. You dreamed and tried to get something in life, but did not achieve it.

Even now, shall thou not mourn?

Mourning will not bring the thing to you. If mourning was the solution, than many whiners would easily be the most successful people in the world.

Don’t consider a crying person, weak. He has been strong for too long.

The tears are a source of self consolation, at certain times. At other times, they are a permanent symbol of failure and refusal to proceed on, with other options of life.
If you are unfortunate enough to not be able to get something after several attempts, then letting go is a better option. You should utilize that energy somewhere else, and get a better reward. This is only our stubbornness that we continuously run after something, which is never meant to be ours. Maybe that thing isn’t supposed to be a part of our life? Remember, everyone has their own faith that they may label as faith or religion, I am not intervening anyone’s beliefs.
In the situation of regression and failure, it is much better to move on. Life is a constant process of progressing, forcing the process to become static and complaining about moving on, will only make things more complicated. You are the one of the greatest factors that can make or break you. So, wouldn’t it be better to make yourself, rather than break yourself?

(originally posted on FRIDAY, AUGUST 13, 2010 at 10:05pm)

Major Depression


Sometimes, in life, we feel miserable. Awfully hopeless. Everything seems to be wrong, and the hopelessness just seems to overwhelm you. The depression dominates all your emotions and you feel like life couldn’t be worse. But all you have to do, is search for a source of tranquility. Someone or something that can provide you with hope, give you that spirit back, to live life the way it should be lived.I’m suffering from major depression. At certain points, life seems like a wreck. But then, I always seek refuge in the positivity that life has to offer, and that always gives me hope, no matter how down I am.

(originally posted on SUNDAY, JULY 18, 2010 at 2:16am)

Optimism & Realism


Optimism and realism are tough to sustain in coexistence.
It is easy to say, “be optimistic”, “look at the facts” or “keep the reality in mind”. People can’t forget their reality, even if they want to. But hoping for grand things and having great expectations aren’t always valid. Optimism can be defied by reality and vice versa. Both of these things are unpredictable. Yet, if they coexist, they can make life very easier. But maintaining them together, is not easy at all.

Extremism can be fatal


In life, extremism can definitely kill.
Whether it is the positive extreme, or the negative extreme.
When it comes to the negative extreme, it only deduces the beauty of life. It creates havoc. It causes a sense of disability, where every path seems to lead to a dead end and life seems to become stagnant. Which is not a good omen. As life is a symbol of constant journey, constant dynamics. Negativity holds you back to a certain point, where your fear seems to be minimized up to a stable point.
But complete optimism can lead to total lay back attitude. Expecting too much from a certain event can make life very difficult. As quoted, The more the Expectations, The more are the Disappointments. Hence, the blind belief is All is well, and will be well is quite foolish. A mistake that can not be reliable to amend.